Cartwheel Register

Want 1% credit card transaction fees?

Tantrum Street is offering all Deep Ellum merchants a 1% credit card transaction rate if you use
Cartwheel Register, our powerfully simple mobile register app!

We are proud to partner with the Deep Ellum Community Association. As a Deep Ellum business ourselves, we share DECA's commitment to seeing this historic and authentic neighborhood prosper.


Save money.
Grow your business.
Do Good.

Card Transaction Rate
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One Obvious Rule

Your operating business address is within Deep Ellum boundary as defined by PID (2011) + TIF (2010) + PD 269 (2008) View qualifying map boundary

Let's do this

  1. 1Check the map to see if you qualify
  2. 2Download Cartwheel Register & sign up
  3. 3

    Talk to us on Facebook to let us know you're in!

Good Returns

Good Returns+ for Deep Ellum

Skip Wallet's core identity is Good Returns, a novel and sustainable approach to solving the world’s greatest humanitarian problems. Now, through Tantrum Street's innovative GoodReturns+ program, you can support your own community through everyday Skip Wallet purchases.

At each Skip Wallet transaction, your customer directly funds a portion of a microloan facilitated by Good Returns. With GoodReturns+ for Deep Ellum, when that microloan is repaid, the portion your customer funded is returned to the community as fresh capital for any number of community enhancements.

As a business using Cartwheel Register, not only will you be supporting your neighborhood, but you'll also gain a powerful marketing message for the 89% of consumers who would switch where they shop to support a socially responsible business. Let Good Returns drive customers to your business instead of your competition.

Learn more about Good Returns

The Deep Ellum Community Association is a volunteer community group representing anyone who lives in Deep Ellum, works or owns a business in Deep Ellum, owns property in Deep Ellum, or just loves Deep Ellum! We are dedicated to a Deep Ellum as a diverse, urban, sustainable walking neighborhood built upon a culture of independent creativity